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I love most of the things you post but could you please try to put those long ass posts the one about the exo dude under a read more? I'm not demanding anything I'm just asking if in the future you could try to do that. — sent by Anonymous


Hi honey,

I didn’t create the post. All I did was reblog it. To do that read more thing, I’d have to actually have to REMEMBER that someone doesn’t like to read long posts, open up the post, press buttons, press more buttons and then hope that I did enough to satisfy one vague person’s idiosyncrasy.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m probably NOT going to do that. I’m not sure if long post are eating up your data space or if its just annoying you. I’m sorry? I just…I don’t understand why people (this is not directed at just you, I’m kind of venting at this point, like a meta vent, so don’t think that this is all for you) keep writing me asking me to customize my blogging experience for THEM specifically.

  • Don’t post comments under pictures
  • Don’t post this ship
  • Don’t post that ship
  • Why can’t you do (insert this) more?
  • Stop posting that, I don’t like (insert)
  • Don’t post your opinion so freely
  • No long post
  • No long comments under post
  • No long tags

These are all complaints I’ve received. Like c’mon yall. 

Firstly, I’m a grown ass woman. I’m going to do exactly what I want to do on this here internet I pay for monthly and this here laptop I paid so much to own, in this house I pay to live in. 

Secondly, I’ve never, not once, in the history of my tenure here, asked, even as nicely as you are asking my dear heart, for someone to change the way they are blogging to make my experience more enjoyavle. Maybe its because I’m so nice, so flexible, so upbeat that it seems like I’m approachable enough to make such a request, that it’s an appropriate thing to do. It’s not. It really isn’t. It’s like calling up EXO personally and saying “Hey, I don’t really like those pelvic thrust, so could you…like not? Thanks!”

It doesn’t work that way. And I don’t mind you unfollowing me. Not that I WANT you to, know that, but if anything I’m posting causes you enough ire that you have to personally write me, petitioning that I change something, then…maybe you should? I don’t sound like the type of person that you enjoy having on your dash.  

Either way, I do love you as a follower, even if I don’t know who you are. I just wanted to give you an honest answer as to why I’m not going to stop being exactly who I am on here. 

I’m sorry, this long drawn out no over one post. 




SHINee throwback 8/??

I spy Onew’s right nipple. My collection is complete.

mvp’s play their own twisted game of onew’s body parts bingo.

祭りの深夜 (by Hisa Foto)


Lions Save Kidnapped Girl

if lions are coming to rescue someone, you have to know what you’re doing is wrong. you know, in that moment before you’re torn in to tiny little pieces by said lions 
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u may want to consider an extinguisher


There’s a lovely old English myth that if someone who truely loved and trusted the werewolf called it by name that it would turn back to human.
Others include throwing their human clothes at it and it’d turn back but that’s a bit less romantic

season’s greetings…